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The challenge for us in 2010 is building on the results and mobilize the international community in a very difficult environment, he said. These funds will largely determine where the world was in 2015 with the health related Millennium Development Goals, by their target date, Kazatchkine said. He noted that he seek funding from the Gulf States and the Organization of Islamic Conference States .. Global Fund to fight AIDS, UN Secretary Generallaria Executive Director Michel Kazatchkine recently highlighted the Fund’s financial challenges and said that he would traveling his time traveling obligations until October obtained when UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is expected to chair a major donors’ conference, Agence France-Presse reported.According to the CDC to all, ‘The bottom line is that HPV is very penetrating the time woman has 50, there are 80 – % chance which it will have had HPV the vaccine protecting against strains responsible for 70 per cent. Of cervical cancer, that lead 600 deaths 600 deaths per year. It is a safe and effective vaccine. ‘.