Researchers looked screening should be discontinued at the age of fifty?According to a study published on, since the beginning of the planned cervical cancer screening programs , which began in forty years forty years there have been debates about the maximum age limit for efficient screening. The study concluded that screening for cervical cancer should not stop after the age of 50, because the risk is similar to the click to follow click here . Of younger women, even after several negative smear results.

About GlobeImmuneGlobeImmune Inc. Is a private company which targeted molecular immunogens, Tarmogens, for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases, the company principal, GI-5005., and colon cancer.r the treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection . GI-5005 is designed to complement both the current standard of care and emerging novel therapies for HCV. The most oncology program, GI-4000, targets cancers caused by mutated versions of the Ras oncoprotein. GI-4000 is currently being evaluated in clinical trials include the treatment of pancreatic cancer and other cancers that mutated Ras, including non-small cell lung cancer and colon cancer.

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