Thousands At Risk Of Hidden Heart Conditionare thousands of people in England are not aware that they are at risk of developing heart disease due to a undiagnosed genetic condition, says the Royal College of Physicians click to read here here . Familial hypercholesterolemia is an inherited condition causing high LDL cholesterol and increased risk of coronary heart disease in men in their 50s and women in their 60s. Early treatment with statins has been shown to reduce the risk and life expectancy is normal.

Professor Steve Humphries, FH audit project Director and Director of the Centre for cardiovascular Genetics-, We, the Laboratories, said: The NICE guidelines have to recognize treat people with treat people with FH down, and we know that save life and this is very cost effective The problem at the moment is that most NHS Trusts. NHS Trusts not yet capable of funds for the DNA testing or the nursing and support staff to find for the implementation of the cascade family testing sorting this out is a key priority. .

For evidence-based Point Way To Get Better Health policy developmentA comprehensive review of proofs informing health policy at in BioMed Central journal Health Research Policy and Systems. These free supplement entitled ‘SupportTools for evidence-based health policies-making ‘provides an essential reference and a variety of tools in finding and be used by those in the exploration and utilization of research proof for evidence-based health policy participate support. The series focuses to four broad areas including: supporting documents informed policy making, identifying needs for research proof; see and assess research results, and going from the research proof decision.