Food and Drug Administration on 6 submitted submitted to. Approval for three therapeutic doses NRP104 for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents studies studies ‘ principal investigator, Donald Jasinski, Professor of Medicine, Chief Center for Chemical Dependence, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, data from the company A02 study presented. Based on the results so far NRP104 may have a lower potential for abuse and more safety and simultaneously significant efficacy in controlling ADHD symptoms..

Given intravenously, d-amphetamine sulfate 20 mg produced significant responses on the actions of amphetamine-like effects, the peak within 15 minutes after administration. These included significant euphoric and amphetamine-like subjective effects . Under the same conditions NRP104 50 mg did not produce euphoria or amphetamine-like subjective effects by the absence by the lack of significant responses to these same scales. The company believes that this means website dimesylate administered intravenously 50 mg significantly less reinforcing as d-amphetamine 20 mg intravenously..Have yet the most well-known human genes in the genome on map completely commenting, said Professor Alexandre Reymond, from the Center for Integrative Genomics Lausanne University, Switzerland, and the Department of Genetic Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland. We have noted that the vast majority in protein encoding genes, which study studied many in a tissue specific fashion previously unknown group of exon[the regions of the DNA within a gene that are transcribed messenger RNA] outside current boundaries current boundaries the annotated gene , Professor Reymond be to say.

Prof. Reymond team of, in collaboration with other laboratories in Switzerland, Great Britain, the U.S. And Spain, it now want conducting an identical sort of analysis two complete human chromosome. I was surprised when we are not have the same kind of variety in those structures can be, he says. Our work shows that the human genome is is more complex than can be imagined, who even ten years ago. In the future is vital to the development from efficient and secure genetic medicine in the future, .