Meningitis B can be a devastating disease, and there is an urgent need researchers at effective vaccine against him hope we create that help our new findings in this work Our study gives us a better understanding of how meningococcal bacteria protect themselves. The immune system, and it shows that we tailor new vaccines to this important human pathogen to combat, added Professor Tang, from the Centre for Molecular Microbiology and Infection Biology at Imperial College London.. They found that the protein in the bacterial coating imitated exactly the sugar on the surface of human cells, such that the bacteria bind factor H in the same way as human cells. It’s like the bacteria someone it coat and put it on in an effort to look like them, says Professor Lea of Oxford University, who led the work.

Meningitis involves an inflammation of the membranes, the brain and the spinal cord as a result of infection. The infection can be caused by a virus or bacteria, but bacterial meningitis is much more serious leads with about 5 percent of cases, death. The disease primarily affects infants and young children, but also often in adolescents and young adults. The disease is frightening because it can strike quickly with people seriously ill within hours.Assume from patient Lost to Follow-up after Midurethral Synthetic Slings: successes and failures?

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