List over kite and wind surfing spots in and around Tarifa


Tarifa Spots Description / Information
Playa Chica Good but challenging spot on heavy Levante days just between the harbor and the island. Quite some waves build up here, but just remember to stop your ride before the rocks 🙂 2.5m2 to 6.5m2 days are possible here. In summer time you will not be popular with sun bathers and the local authorities. Take care of the strong current around the island.
Balneario A pure off-shore spot in Levante conditions good for speed surfing attempts and catching a wave or 2 after a good swell. In Poniente messy but worth a shot if you don’t wanna drive to far. Take care of rocks and surfers. Not for beginners whatsoever!
Los Lances Long long beach basically starting in Tarifa and heading towards the dunes basically. In Levante it will be off-shore to side-off-shore the further you move towards the dunes. The buildings in Tarifa will block for it in Levante, but if you are a dare devil and go out far enough nice for flat water speed rush. In Poniente challenging on-shore spot with nice but messy waves on the heavy days.
Rio Jara Basically in front of the gas station heading towards the dunes (towards Cádiz)-. A tiny river (Rio Jara) goes into the sea here creating good waves on Poniente days. Also a challenging spot on those heavy Levante days when an old swell is still rolling. Nice and clean waves. But don’t even think of breaking equipment here (especially kiting) as next stop is the other side of the Atlantic. Great spot in Poniente for all levels with loads of space. When high tide and Poniente the river gets flooded allowing for a shallow water spot to build sometimes allowing ride all the way back to Tarifa (kiting). Take care of authorities… you are playing in a nature park.
Los Lances/Dos Mares A bit further down of Rio Jara with great parking. Pretty similar to Los Lances and the spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Poniente conditions. The wind is a bit more “side-shorish” making entry easier. Nice and wide beach making it perfect for beginners. In summer many (many!!!) kiters! Rental equipment and courses available.
Arte Vida Drive direction Cádiz approx 5km and turn left at “Arte Vida”. Nice spot for both Levante and Poniente days, with Levante though leaving the first 50-100m a bit gusty. Beachy with some few rocks (stones) on the right facing the ocean. Can produce great waves in both Poniente and Levante conditions.
Hurricane/La Peña Small spot just approx 7km out towards Cádiz on the left side. Can get wavy in both Poniente and Levante but has rocks (most marked though). Rental equipment and courses available.
Bunker Small exclusive spot on Levante days approx 8km out. Turn left at Aguila de Oro or sail up wind from Valdevaqueros. Rocky (and a bunker) but a spectacular spot with cristal clear water and often no one there.
Valdevaqueros The Hot Spot in summer time. Works with both Poniente, Levante and thermical winds from the dunes in summer time. Approx 10km out of Tarifa to the left just after Explora and Hotel 3 Mares. Super crowded in summer time and the show off beach for the local crowd meaning crazy stunts and jumps, both windsurfers and kiters just in front (or on top) of you. In summer divided into kite, windsurfer and swimmer zone. Respect it!!! When Levante comes down on Tarifa with 8-10Bft this is were you will still see some guys holding on to their 2.5m2 sails and 4m2 kites. Ask them why! Wanna check out hot beach babes and lions, well then this is also the place. Rental equipment and courses available.
SpinOut A bit further down offering similar conditions as Valdevaqueros. Turn left in front of the Camping Torre del Peña 2. A crowded spot with many sun bathers enjoying the little grass area and the bars. Wanna meet people this is the spot. Rental equipment and courses available.
Casa de Porro Quite a sight. A bit further down of SpinOut with 100’s of vans and caravans parked next to the beach. A very frequented windsurfer spot that works on Levante, South days and thermical conditions. Turn left short after SpinOut.
Las Dunas Turn left at Punta Paloma and short after left again. A nice spot working in all conditions allthough heavy South can make it difficult to get out (becomes on-shore with heavy swell and shorebreak).
Punta Paloma Same as above.
Secret Spot Well, not as secret anymore. Drive left towards Punta Paloma and keep straight on for approx 2km. Leave car and walk by foot to left on small path to the beach (quite a hike back when you are tired). Nice spot with rocks here and there but the most amazing place if strong conditions. Can produce some of the best waveriding in Tarifa with 2-3m waves rolling nice and clean! Take care of the surfers and sportsfishers.
Dare Devil 1 Well… if you really wanna know. In front of the bunker you will on heavy Levante days see kites approx 2-3km out. A ship wreck and a plateau create the most remarkable conditions meaning glassy flatwater and nice waves within the same 100m. But, this spot has nothing to do with level as even the bests are take a huge risk playing here!!
Dare Devil 2 To the left of the port of Tarifa the nicest freestyle spot on Levante days. Start from Playa Chica and go upwind or launch from the left of the port (almost impossible). If you break something here next stop is the 5m high pier that the waves will push you against or the Canaries where the current will take you.
Other Spots
Caños de Meca Levante too strong in Tarifa? Or just had it with mindblowing and handripping conditions. Head 65km towards Cádiz and turn of towards Caños de Meca. A nice wave riding spot is awaiting you. Not always good, and can become crowded on the good days. Tricky launch especially at low tide with many sharp rocks but also the place on the coast that can provide you a dream day with 3-5m waves. Few kiters (still) who tends to reside a bit further south next to the Faro de Trafalgar.
Getares Escape spot when Levante won’t let go of Tarifa. Drive towards Algeciras and just before reaching Algeciras turn right. Can show nice qualities and the wind will for sure be 3-4 forces less than in Tarifa. Take care of restrictions in summer time.
Palmones The escape artist spot number 2. Pass Algeciras and keep going on direction Malaga. Just after Algeciras before Carrefour get of and go towards Palmones. A small spot divided by a river going out to see. Nice in strong Levante conditions and being a spectacular spot riding among super tankers waiting to enter the Port of Algeciras. A nice spot for learning. Don’t think about the water quality as long as you don’t swallow too much of it! Summer restrictions (not that we understand who would swim there!?)
Sotogrande A very good spot in heavy Levante conditions often bringing nice waves. Drive towards Sotogrande (direction Malaga) and get off just before the highway turns into a toll-road. Continue 300m further and get off towards the Sotogrande Puerto. First at the entrance to the marina follow the road towards the right and you will get there.