Technology curve awarded U.S. Patent on Nasal Drug Delivery Technologycurve Technology, a leading developer of nasal drug delivery devices, a U.S. Patent was covering his ViaNase electronic nebulizer line output. ‘The granting of this patent confirms our technology leadership, reflects our innovation and protects our intellectual property,’said Marc Giroux, CEO of the technology curve. ‘This is just another step in curve mission to redefine the possibilities of the new nasal drug delivery. ‘.

The result is a flexible intranasal technology platform that can deliver virtually any liquid drug without reformulation. The conveyor regardless of viscosity or surface tension CPD enables pharmaceutical companies deliver topical, systemic, and nose – to-brain drugs and vaccines with minimal peripheral deposition in the lungs and stomach.. Controlled Particle DispersionThe ViaNase equipment line includes Controlled Particle dispersions technology six critical six critical-to – function design parameters, modification of the deposit and The result features.Using genetic experiments in mice, were Dr. Ingram and his team have in a position to of the of the cardiovascular problems the inflammatory cells delivered to the site of the affected blood vessel to eliminate potential effects from NF1 gene mutations in blood vessel muscle cells and the cells. Inside the blood vessels Dr. Friedman was they compared from a small group from a small group from of human patients with and without NF1 mutations and found that to the neurofibromatosis patients significant levels of inflammation cells and other compounds that had on for cardio disease.