The action plan will be key areas of research, treatment, education and prevention.###The March of Dimes, the lead lawyer participating behind the passage of the Preemie Act, together with representatives from academia and federal agencies, including the NICHD, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , the American College of obstetricians and Gynecologists, the National Medical Association and state health agencies. Senator Chris Dodd , an original sponsor PREEMIE is to speak.

Betty Taylor, mother of nine-year-old Zeek, the 2007 March of Dimes National Ambassador , who was born 14 weeks early and continuing to fight the effects of premature birth to participate the the to ensure meeting that parents concerns and needs are addressed.On 20 per cent of professional boxer development in a chronic traumatic brain injury, according to background more in the article. Some studies have suggested to amateur boxer also damage their nervous systems but because its a shorter seizures permit few blows on the head and because it must wear safety equipment, the impact are less prone severe. These studies have performed is based on the assessment of thinking, memory and other brain features a long time after boxing, take immediate testing as soon after a fight..