The body also produces a natural inhibitor of IL-1, IL – 1 receptor antagonist , the levels of which are complements in patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Another proinflammatory agents, IL-1 stimulates the expression and vice versa. – In December issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Yoichiro Iwakura and colleagues by the University of Tokyo studied the role of T cells in the development of autoimmune arthritis in mice IL-1Ra.

This study is published in the current issue of the the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer. To receive a PDF of the article please contact.Vienna . – moving may include inaccuracies of up to two cm appear in the prostate rays. During the irradiating have to patients are on a table for about 20 min without agitation. Over time , the muscles to relax and the pelvis falls. As a result of radiation, to focus on bladder or other organs. In our calculations we concentrated at on that accuracy of the location of the prostate and the improvement potential in the management, says Karin Poljanc, 60 the Atomic Institute of the Austrian Universities.

This approach guarantee that ionizing radiation not tumor cells and not to other organs in the vicinity of of the prostate. In a co degree with a of the Medical University Innsbruck and the Eastern Vienna Center of Personality and Social Medicine , two physicists of the Technical University Vienna , evaluated the mean deviation of radiation parameters for prostate and is compared different radiation source.. Organs. Radiotherapy in prostate cancer therapeuticThe determination of the exact anatomy location of the tumor is the prerequisite for the recruitment ideal parameters for the radiation treating prostate cancer.