‘the complex nature of the brain injury diagnosis and the fact that every brain injury is different without without a clear path to recovery for all that many survivors face difficulties in the post-acute care they need – whether in the form of rehabilitation services or benefits. – ‘The costs of brain injury is immense, not only for individuals and their families, but also society as a whole total, 89 percent of respondents reported the degradation of at least one of their relationships, whether with a friend, spouse or direct result direct result of their brain injury.

conditions three years ago, the government launched the National Service Framework for Long-term this framework was designed to the way health and social care support people with long term neurological conditions to transform the results of our survey clearly show that in three years has been, achieved very little and the NSF has been a failure date .. According to the poll, published to the start of the campaign for Brain Injury Week, of of March – 6 Mark runs April, 60 percent of respondents had discriminated against by at least one statutory service, such as health or social care, benefits or employment and more than two thirds of brain injury survivors believe that they discriminated against by society because of their injuries. The results of this study are shocking, said Peter McCabe, three years ago of Headway.I think this is great for the patients and their carers and relatives as it might shortening the path got specialized professional health sector. Both self-pay and privately insured patients are now the opportunity booking a consulting directly with consultant their choice, to 19,000 addition to patient choice. The availabilities of deadlines and whether an GP referred to has schedule an appointment.. Comparing: Visitors may to select a pre-selection of health care professionals and providers and comparing Profile, qualifications, experience, prices and in a position to able to save More Information about their favorite healthcare provider to future Ref This is a fantastic new developing and as a very innovative thoughts through intuition Communications.