The experiment was with solutions containing with solutions containing human cells and different concentrations of commercially available cranberry juice cocktail. The data showed that the fastening force of the virulent E. Coli increases as the amount of cranberry juice cocktail weakened. The study showed that a strain of E. Coli without fimbriae well to the well to the human urinary tract cells, regardless of the concentration of cranberry juice cocktail, further evidence that fimbriae infection infection.

This strainerry juice fights bacteria at the molecular levelRevealing the science behind the homespun advice, a team of researchers at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute has identified and the molecular forces that enable cranberry juice to ward off urinary tract infections measured in humans. – The data in the paper Direct adhesion force measurements between E. Coli and human uroepithelial cells in cranberry juice cocktail , the on-line published, ahead of print, journal Molecular journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. The research sheds light on the fundamental mechanisms of E. Coli infections, the impact for the development of new antibiotics and infections has materials for invasive medical devices..‘the[ Pakistani] government says is thousands of rescue workers, the 28,000 previously estimated that man people and distributes staple food used, ‘in accordance with the AP. The army is also 30,000 troops cleverly and ‘scores helicopter , but the extent of the disaster has large enough lot residents said it seems that officials do nothing. Thousands of other people province remain trapped by the floods. ‘ BBC reports that army says to ‘initial search Form and rescue action lasting up to 10 days ‘and the reconstruction would 6 months or more – of Hundreds of people. ‘government responded,’the catastrophe protesting at the northwestern city of Peshawar, Meanwhile the homeless the survivors herded into emergency shelters night,’the BBC inserts (02 Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported to be Pakistani President Zardari ‘face review of you with a trip to Europe ‘(Shakir / Sharif..