The DESIR study identified 7,542 women with low sexual desire and associated suffering. Among these 5,098 women participated and were surveyed on a wide range of attitudes and behaviors in relation to their experience with low sexual desire . Overall, of their frequency and level of sexual desire in the last 12 months significantly with reports of their level of distress about their low sexual desire correlates with each of these negative emotional reactions.

Almost one in 10 women report low sexual desire with associated distress, which may be HSDD, an often under – diagnosed condition as as causing waste or lack of sexual desire, the need of the patient, can create a burden relationships with partners, and is not limited to the effects of a substance, including drugs or other medical condition.

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On migraine headaches: According to the American Headache Society, migraine, a disabling, episodical headache disease for displaying combinations of neurologic, digestive , and autonomic signs in that affecting about 28 million Americans connected, most which women. Common symptoms of migraines be recurring headaches, nausea, vomiting, Averse to light and phonophobia . Medication and cost you the U.S. Greater than 20 billion a year to the direct costs, including physician visits and medications, and indirect costs such missed out on job and decreased productivity.

OptiNose , a leader in nasal drug delivery schemes, pleased to present the publication in Cephalalgia of results from clinical phase II trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of its novel, intranasal drug / announce machine for the treatment of migraine headaches.