Doctors could predict which infants tend to benefit from early treatment by identifying certain eye characteristics, such as the appearance and location of the blood vessels were.. In 2003, the Etrop study that early treatment. Diagnose as greater risk for severe ROP – improved the vision and retinal health of certain infants after nine months These children had extended or blood vessels in the retina and substantial growth of new blood vessels, such as type-1 disease twisted classified. Eyes with type 2 ROP benefit or a moderate amount of new blood vessel growth, not from early treatment.

This disease, which in both eyes in both eyes, is a leading cause of vision loss in children. About 90 % of children with ROP have a mild form that does not require treatment, but those who may have a severe form develop lifelong visual impairment , and possibly blindness.‘We are a busy the hospital and us be under constant elongation to Advanced levels IMRT treatments our standard treatments slots deliver, ‘said Andy Poynter, head of radiation physics from Ipswich Hospital. ‘Using RapidArc , which will be a problem anymore, like we have been able, advanced treatments, to provide more patient. ‘He told intend to use intend to starting the treatment of all head and neck cancer patients with RapidArc IMRT and will extend the to prostate gland and pelvic nodes comprising treatments.

Varian Since its introduction in are tremendously in improving treatment experience for the head and neck cancer patient due this significant reduction in delivery, added Hayley James, operative head of radiation therapy Physics and. The other advantage is is to reduce the delivered monitor units that in a reduction of total body results effective dose for the patient. .