Gradually. A real interaction with the tumor an increase in the an increase in the colonization potential and thus its aggressiveness be reexamined when injected mice with tumor cells previously co-cultured with adipocytes, the researchers observed that the tumor rather should metastasize. A major factor that these modifications have been observed in adipocytes in of human tumors is what. The importance of the phenomenon In addition, the researchers observed that the fat cells near large human tumors with ganglionic invasion, contained more IL-6. The protein could therefore role in the role in the spread of breast cancer-induced adipocytes.. The external part of the breast is substantially fat contains fat cells. Fat cells. Apart from storing / releasing fats, these cells are capable of secreting numerous proteins.

This works shows that adipocytes undoubtedly an unexpected role in the spread of such tumors. ‘Our findings show how adipocytes actively participate in the progression of breast cancer, orchestrated by tumor cells. They suggest that in the case of obesity, the adipocytes may be associated with breast cancer tend to ”strengthen effect of tumors ‘aggressive saying researcher researchers. ‘This hypothesis has to be re-examined in both mice and humans. ‘.###the Minnesota partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics is a cooperation the University of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic and the State of Minnesota learning more about the partnership.