Generic Drug Dispensing: Medicaid FFS is less effective in promoting the delivery from generic rather than brand. The generic dosage rate in Medicaid FFS average 68 percent, compared to an average 80 percent generic dosing in Medicaid MCOs.

Gives savings in four key areasWhile Medicaid FFS programs and the costs vary widely state-by – state identifies the Lewin Group four key areas where pharmacy benefit management could be improved in general:.The interest in is by Women ‘s Health Initiative Working Group continued at Ohio State, Lustberg and Orchard will even work with neuroscientist Dr. Courtney De Vries, to determine the effect of omega-3 supplementation on the cognitive symptoms with of chemotherapy investigate. As many as in one-third of breast cancer patients having chemotherapy enter memory problems and verbal fluency, but these women health researchers believe that anti-inflammatory properties of fatty acids can provide a solution.