However, the therapy can even impair memory several weeks later. ‘In general, this impairment of memory is gradually recede, but understandably it is often experienced by patients as annoying,’Bonn lecturer Dr. Michael Wagner says. That the current flow that the current flow is not precise enough, also hitting the hippocampus, the brain ‘s memory center ‘. Why recently a different has has come to the fore which has few side effects: in ‘ transcranial magnetic stimulation ‘ to place the doctors a coil on the patient’s forehead for several minutes this produces a strong pulsating magnetic field.

Today depression seen as amenable to treatment: with psychotherapy or medication most patients are affected, support from her depressive episode. Around five % of patients, but in such a deep depression that they do not fall to respond to these methods. Because depression is a common mental illness – one in six people suffer from at least once in their life – it affects a large number of people.But British traveler contact are unnecessarily in danger of as valid the European Health Insurance Card it will entitle the reducing or free health services in the most of Europe. The investigation showed that most three of the five people are a to claim an EHIC, however 68 percent of them do not know when it expires.

– 57 percent who a European Health Insurance Card – 68 percent do not know, 14 percent their European Health Insurance Card expire – 14 percent never buy travel insurance or have a European Health Insurance Card when traveling Europa.