Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: detecting destabilizing the Individual Health Insurance Market – As health care reform moves forward, the medical loss ratio , designed to view, pay as much of premiums collected by consumers actually for health services and clinical quality , is a new meaning for the plans competition in health insurance bear, started this thread wrote briefly MLR checks standards in the individual insurance market. Short addresses of potential warning signs of market destabilization and several approaches states have taken to to protection of consumers (Bernstein.

Kaiser Family Foundation: Chronic illness and co – morbidity in dual eligibles: use Implications for Patterns Of Medicaid and Medicare Services and expenditures – The health reform law includes provisions that improve enrolled for the delivery and coordination of services for persons to both Medicaid and Medicare dual – dual – eligibles. This population individuals includes some of the most disabling chronic illnesses. During the higher costs associated with related services for dual eligibles is known, is the information on how the issues is distributed distributed less understood .. Kaiser Family Foundation: uninsured and untreated: A Look At uninsured adults who are not receiving medical care for two years – If Medicaid expanded to reach all adults at or below 133 percent[ of the Federal Republic of Poverty level] in 2014, the program is enrolling short a diverse population of individuals that differ from the current Medicaid population, after this, which is based on an analysis of data from the 2006-2007 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.Since the first discovery which KLF6 the gene 13 years ago as medical student at Mt Sinai School of Medicine laboratory of Dr. Scott Friedman, Narla in the identification and characterize the KLF6 gene and its roll participated in cancer generation and the progression of cancer.