‘The more we cycle through the unique of inflammation in CF, are are able to have the proper tools in order to develop combat. Our knowledge about our knowledge about CF and suggests an additional therapeutic direction, ‘said Robert J. President and CEO of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The Cincinnati Children ‘s team found a deficiency in the airways of children with CF of a class of molecules called lipoxins, which are important regulators of inflammation. – ‘If we analogs of this molecule into mouse models of CF, do the molecules of of what we want them to do – to suppress acute inflammation, switch on the chronic enhance inflammatory process and disease – which suggesting Over time, the that this class of molecules could therapeutic potential in CF, ‘says Christopher Karp, director of Molecular Immunology at Cincinnati Children and the study lead author.Marion Slackstar is a professor of pharmaceutical use at the University on Arizona, where she is Principal Investigator of as an industry cross – training programs of countryside and underserved communities in community health.

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