The NHMRC recommendations to Mr Abbott will do be done on specific research projects.The NHMRC of the recently expanded Urgent Research Working Group on 11 October 2005 meeting, considered a pandemic research areas that priorities priorities in the recent report of the National Influenza Pandemic Action Committee .

Membership NHMRC Urgent Research Working PartyChair: Professor Tania Sorrell, Department of Infectious Diseases, Westmead Hospital, NSWProfessor Aileen plant Professor of International Health Curtin University of Technology, WAProfessor Terry Nolan School of Population Health, University of Melbourne, VictoriaDr. Moira sound Policy Murdoch Children ‘s Research Institute, VictoriaProfessor John Horvath, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health and AgeingDr. Moira McKinnon Biosecurity and Disease Control Branch Population Health Division Department of Health and AgeingDr..Lancet 1978; 1:795-97.. Reference:1 Burgess I et al. 2007 compared by of losartan in reducing the proteinuria in hypertensive type 2 diabetes and nephropathy. Present at the annual congress of European Society of Hypertension. June 2007, Milan, Italy. Hossain P et al. Adiposity and diabetes in the Third World a growing challenge of. NEJM 2007, 356 :213-215. Wild-type southeast , et al. Overall prevalence of diabetes: estimated for 2000 and projections for 2030. Diabetes Care 2004; 27:1047-53. U.S. Renal Data System. USRDS 2006 Annual Report DataReport: Atlas of End – Stage Renal Disease in the United States. Available at: Hits 06-2007.