In ALS, the patient worsen nerves that extend to the muscles. As a result, the patient loses control over the muscles and gradually becomes paralyzed. The origin of the degradation mechanism of this deadly disease – which has enormous medical and social impact – remains unclear. Currently, the disease is completely incurable.

VEGF: a promising candidate drugVEGF is a substance which Unexpectedly, of blood vessels. Unexpectedly, VEGF also helps neurons survive under stressful conditions. In 2001, Peter Carmeliet team showed that too little VEGF causes ALS – like symptoms in mice. Later the group of Diether Lambrechts, showed Wim Robberecht and Peter Carmeliet, that persons too little too little VEGF – due to certain variations in the gene for the VEGF – to have a higher risk of developing ALS. This was the starting point for a search for a possible treatment with the VEGF protein.Bind on other objectives, identifying that method increasing a promise. – colonoscopy, the gold standard in, at establish an instrument is inserted into the the colon by the rectum.

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