Overall, the risk of death 2.5 times greater after the invasion, although the risk was 1.5 times higher, clusters, and at Fallujah is excluded. Investigators estimate that corresponds to a 1.5-fold increase in deaths to an excess of 98,000 deaths related to the Iraq conflict, although this estimate would be much greater if Falluja contain data.

In the governments of the countries, for the initiation of preventive war in the planning of this war for research. In the U.S. And UK – as have the likely effects of their actions on the civilian population.. This result requires an urgent political and military response if the confidence of Iraqis in the mostly American – British occupation is to be restored. ‘He continues: ‘Roberts and his colleagues have their work to us in early October was your work evaluated revised revised, edited and fast-tracked the publication because of its importance to the development of the security situation.‘We have been arrested declares declared and presented as murder human with the aim of extracting their fat in rudimentary lab and selling. ‘.

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