The study found that the top 10 recipients of these contributions in the last four years, $ 2,000. Received from insurance companies and their employees, and $ 3.3 million pharmaceutical companies and their employees, the study also found that the two sectors were $ 546,000 Sen. John McCain , $ 425,000 to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and $ 413,000 received $ 104,000 of insurance and Rep. John Dingell received $ 180,000 from drugmakers. Although the study does not include President Obama, because he no longer reported a member of Congress, he received more than $ 2 million of people in connection with the two sectors of health care during the election campaign, the post office..

Health care system. The health sector almost $ 1 billion almost $ 1 billion on lobbying in the last two years with it, and as health care reform discussions boot, several groups have their lobbying and campaign activities, the Post reported increases. Jerry Flanagan, a health care advocate for Consumer Watchdog, said: ‘The worry is that money buys influence and policy changes hurt the industry, but hurt the American people,’and added: ‘They want a policy to Americans product purchase their product.For more information on ARRA / NIH / NCRR aid may at all ARRA / NIH funding to be found in be found here.

This National Center for Research Resources , part of the NIH, has lab scientists and clinical research with the assets and training they need to understand, to know, treat and preventing a broad spectrum out of diseases. NCRR supports all aspects of translational and clinical research, connector researchers, patients and communities across nation.

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