This was the fact that the patient. An immunoglobulin injection intravenously every 4 weeks during the six-month study Before the start and at the end of therapy, the researchers determined the beta-amyloid levels in the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid – the latter being the liquid that is in the brain and spinal cord. On average, the beta – amyloid levels in the fluid decreased during the study, by over 30 %, while the concentration in the blood rose 2, Dodel says. ‘The immunoglobulins therefore seem the effect of flushing the beta-amyloid from the brain – how exactly this occurs is still unclear.

Vitro studies like this could help answer this question, and – in the event, that the deer prions to make the jump – such studies scientists about what to inform they look like prions, he said. Created by studying any new prion strains in mice with the human prion protein, scientists can also provide insight into the possible with these disorders. With these disorders.###Douglas RM, Vitamin C for prevention and treatment the common cold. . Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2007, Issue 3.