This is also the end of a decade that has seen much suffering and bloodshed. Unprecedented natural disasters and deadly conflicts the lives of millions the lives of millions. My prayer is that we enter this new decade with hope, opportunity and security for every child on earth will be filled read more . Together we can make this a reality for every child.

The authors found patients with heart failure with preserved systolic function had been mainly older women with less social support and a greater burden of comorbidities such as renal failure, anemia, and atrial fibrillation compared to those with left ventricular systolic dysfunction. There was also an increase in the risk of re – hospitalization in patients with HFPSF. Dr Shakib said lack of social and supervisor support and a greater burden of comorbidities in patients with predisposing HFPSF played a significant role in hospitalization and readmissions have. ‘Our study is the first to identify significant differences in the social environment of these patients,’Shakib said.

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