This new saliva test is easy and straightforward. The nurse wipes a swab along the gums of the patient, it shall deliver a liquid in the test facility. If HIV antibodies are, you can see two reddish – purple lines on this device.

This test has two advantages:1 More people are likely to accept. The results are very accurate and fast.Do not know a quarter of HIV-infected people in the U.S., that they are infected, the CDC says .Standard tests take a few weeks to get the results. Many people will not go back the results the results.This test allows the person wait for a few minutes and find out there and then. If a person tests positive, he or she can start treatment immediately. Africa, he said stop the spread of infection.ACNM 51st 26th Annual Meeting & Exhibit May – 1st June 2006 – Salt Lake City, UtahHelp us to sign a Work and Well Being Survey to Medical News Today being Collaborating in. We receive no financial remuneration for this project is: Click here.