To understand.perature Concepts addiction couples in court Revolutionary New Fertility Monitor – DuoFertilityCambridge Temperature Concepts Limited announced the first user – trials of their revolutionary non-invasive fertility monitor DuoFertility. DuoFertility is an extremely accurate sensor for the measurement of a woman’s body basal body temperature . It raises some of the chances of conception by a convenient, a convenient, accurate and reliable manner when ovulation occurs. To view and download high resolution images of DuoFertility, visit:.

Chausiaux Chausiaux, CTC ‘s Chief Scientific Officer, said, Today’s fertility monitors to use cumbersome and time consuming, and may turn the entire process of ovulation in a big argument why we have DuoFertility designed with the user in mind to wake up without morning. Calls, no messy urine samples and no complicated charts , can DuoFertility couples free the the important business of conception! .. CTC was founded in 2005 by a team of postgraduate fertility and technology experts at the University of Cambridge, a more accurate, convenient and reliable way to detect ovulation established development.These are the views of members of the Emergency Committee sooner earlier day by telephone conference.

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