To the strong relationship between the various hemoglobin variants and temperature preferences of the different cod populations, we anticipate that the environmental conditions for cod, in particular the Baltic cod by seriously affected by ongoing climate change.

According to Joe Fernando, a professor in ASU Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the environmental Fluid Dynamics Program, which worked on the project, ozone is a key component of urban smog, affects even healthy adults and presents a special risk to the health of young children, elderly and people with lung diseases. It can cause shortness of breath, chest pain, increased risk of infection, aggravation of asthma and a significant decrease in pulmonary function. Some studies have linked ozone exposure with death by stroke, premature death among people with severe asthma, cardiac birth defects and reduced lung function growth in children..According to Health Department the official Baek Su-hyun, the government plans on, Sang services and payments for unwed mothers, it many single pregnant women women are reluctant to come forward as of the social stigma attached (Sang – Dog, New York Times.