Weaver said the study, which is funded by the National Dairy Council, is the first direct comparison of bone properties between calcium from supplements and milk read more click here . It will be published in the August print issue of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. – ‘Many companies say,’If you do not drink milk, then take our calcium pills or calcium – fortified foods, ‘ ‘Weaver said. ‘There was no study properly, to see the growth of bone from supplements and milk or milk products, has the same effect has the same effect developed to compare. ‘.

The study also found a strong effect with milk as a calcium source followed by periods of inadequate calcium. Better, but that 10-week period, the remaining fed as fed as adults. Half of them were adequate calcium as carbonate or milk. The other half was turned on only half as much calcium as recommended, but were given calcium carbonate. – This is similar to the people who drink during their early growth phase, a lot of milk to the age of 9 to 11, or maybe even adolescence, but then get only half as much milk calcium to as they that need Weaver said. Some take calcium, but few adults get adequate calcium. Weaver said the study showed the rats raised on dairy still had advantages over those who were calcium carbonate even later when half half enough calcium as dairy or calcium carbonate. We have determined it was an advantage having milk or dairy while bones were growing over calcium carbonate, and it protects you later in life, Weaver said.


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