The first place that most people go when they are suffering from an illness is to their normal doctor. While your doctor has been to medical school and knows a lot about your health, sometimes they can be rather stuck in the same kind of thinking – that you should be taking pharmaceutical pills to solve your problems.

However, there’s one quick comparison that you should make before you decide which treatments to go with – the side effects of major drugs compared to omega 3 side effects.


The biggest secret about the side effects of omega 3?

There aren’t any.

The side effects for most pharmaceutical drugs, especially those associated with mental health and depression are usually pretty strict. You’re likely to find that these pills hurt you physically. In the case of depression medication, you are liable to find out that you are gaining a lot of weight – and it’s not muscle mass.

Omega 3 side effects, on the other hand, are not anything you should worry about. The only people who have trouble with omega 3 supplements are people who are taking bad supplements, or who are not watching their diet as carefully as they should.

For example, some people find that their omega 3 fish oil supplements give them gas and they spend the rest of the day burping up a fishy aftertaste, increases testosterone. That is actually not the fish oil! Supplements that give you gas were made with rancid fish oil – so you are not getting the best supplement out there.

It is theoretically possible to suffer from some omega 3 side effects, but that would require for you to take much more than the standard daily dose. This is for the same reason that some vitamins can cause harm if they are over taken. Too much of a good thing is never a good idea!

However, omega 3 supplements offer you an opportunity to improve your mental and physical health (by fixing chemical, depression-causing imbalances in the brain as well as your immune and circulatory systems) without side effects.