If you are at a university, you may have to residents and medical students together.. WhereInstitut Pasteur, rue du Dr. Roux, 75015 Paris, Franceif29 June – 2 July 2008WhoAbout 150 top vaccine researchers, scientists and public health experts to participate from around the world. The forum WHO WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research.is cold in the operating room? – Answer: As much as we glorify the surgery on ‘ER’and the other medical shows, it certainly is much more frightening if you a foot a foot in the operating room.

Further information can be found here.Reporters are invited to attend all sessions of the Forum. Topics include: – The long search for HIV vaccines; – Vaccines for the elderly and age-related changes in immunity, the new challenge of the aging population in developing countries; – vaccinating adolescents against human papillomavirus vaccine against hospital-acquired infections – Therapeutic vaccines for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, nicotine addiction, atherosclerosis heart attack or stroke) – Vaccines for priority diseases in developing countries, such as malaria, meningitis and rotavirus – Pandemic influenza vaccines: current situation of avian influenza in animals and humans updated on clinical vaccine studies, and – Possible impact of a new tuberculosis vaccine in development..It is to the flu makes some people sicker than others – Identify the major genes might contribute to most at risk.

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