The Tryton Side Branch Stent System demonstrated excellent six-month clinical outcome in a first – in-man study of the system in 30 patients, with no restenosis occurring in the side branch artery. The stent system has received the CE mark in Europe and is not approved in the United States.

Our pipeline of clinical-stage and early-stage drug candidates on our SEPA based MacroDerm And DermaPass visit drug delivery technologies for more information our website.. About MacroChemMacroChem Corporation is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercialize commercialize pharmaceutical products Our lead product candidate is EcoNail, a topically applied. SEPA-based econazole lacquer for the treatment of onychomycosis, a condition are forward-looking nail fungus. We recently acquired exclusive worldwide license rights to pexiganan, a novel topical anti-infective drugs for the treatment of diabetic foot infection, which already completed two Phase.In USA agree with 30 states over Backed drug Baycol.

Thirty states attained on Tuesday $ 8,000 agreement with Bayer due to suspicion that pharma companies have failed adequate warned load of risks to associated with its cholesterol lowering drug Baycol from, of Reg. / Winston – Salem Journal said, taught the company, following the introduction Baycol from in the U.S. May 1998 that the medicine emanating substantially greater health risk than similar medication, very if you are in higher doses and used combined with other cholesterol lowering drug.